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Psychology in Spain is not published since 2011. For readers interested in psychology papers published in Spain, it is suggested to browse through the English version of the articles in the current or past issues of Papeles del Psicólogo, an open access journal published by the Spanish Psychological Association. Please refer to the following website for more information:

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Psychology in Spain (ISSN 1137-9685) is published annually by the Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos (COP - Spanish Psychological Association). Its purpose is to disseminate in the English language the best Spanish psychology published in COP journals. Each issue of Psychology in Spain will look for balance among the different professional and scientific fields in Spanish Psychology, in an effort to offer a wide range of the best work, thought and research being produced in each field. Selection is carried out by a qualified Editorial Board made up of several of the most prestigious specialists in Spanish academic and professional psychology.